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Four Sons Brewing
Four Sons Brewing

Four Sons Brewing

Photo of the Dufresne family

Dad, Mom and four sons... Our journey into the world of brewing started in a garage and has quickly grown into a nationally recognized brand. Since our humble beginnings, we have worked as a team to brew the best beers and create a culture around Four Sons Brewing that invites people to feel as though they're family. Every can, keg, growler or barrel of beer has been handcrafted by the Dufresne family. 


It all started when Derek got a home brewing kit...

We're like any family, really. Duke fell in love with Daune; they had four sons and each one was given a "D" name. Being a close family, they always wanted to own a business together. But it wasn't until son #2 Derek got a home brewing kit that the family found their passion, path and purpose. Through their love of beer and being together, Four Sons Brewing was born.

​Founded in 2014, Four Sons Brewing truly is a family-run business. Stop by the taproom in Huntington Beach and you will most likely find Duke (aka dad) and Daune (aka mom) and the “four sons” – Deven, Derek, Drew, and Dustin – doing everything from checking equipment and sifting grain, to canning, packaging, and filling glasses.

Four Sons Brewing strives to produce excellent craft beer with a wide range of variety that appeals to the novice beer drinker and astonishes the beer expert. With a strong focus on quality and authenticity, every beer contains only natural ingredients to ensure a clean, smooth and memorable taste.

Try the beer. Visit the brewery and barrel room. Tour our newly expanded production facility. Experience first hand the personal attention and family passion that is, Four Sons Brewing.

Mom & Dad





Duke grew up in New Hampshire and attended the US Air Force Academy in Colorado. He spent 5 years as an officer in the Air Force and then spent 27 years at Northrop Grumman where he played a key role in many military aircraft programs, most notably the B-2 Bomber. Duke hold a B.S Degree in Aeronautical Engineering as well as an MBA. He retired in 2014 to pursue the awesome opportunity of spending every day with his family. 



Business Manager

Daune grew up in a military family and spent most of her life traveling around the country and world. She and Duke met at Eglin Air Force base in Florida where her Dad was stationed and Duke was sent for his first assignment out of the Academy (Fate!) Daune loves working with numbers and gets to do a lot of that in dealing with all of the accounting and finances for the business. When she's not working at the brewery cleaning kegs, working the taproom, etc. (which is most of the time) she enjoys playing tennis. 

Four Sons 



Director of Operations 

Deven's title means that he does a little bit of everything. Using his B.A. Degree in Communications and MBA, Deven builds relationships with world recognized brands, bands, and events to support the growth of the business. He also helps oversee the day-to-day operations. Prior to Four Sons Brewing, he worked at Northrop Grumman on an advanced unmanned aircraft program. Deven and his wife, Talar live in Huntington Beach with their son, Nico. 



Head Brewer 

Derek was a home brewer for about eight years which was the primary reason we decided that opening a brewery was within our reach. Like the rest of us, he does much more than his title implies. You'll see him working in the tap room on a daily basis but his most important task is creating great beer. Derek previously worked at Northrop Grumman as a security investigator before leaving to put everything into the brewery. He holds a B.S. and Master's Degree in Criminal Justice. Derek and his wife, Rachel live in Huntington beach with their son, Dillon and daughter, Avery. 

Photo of Drew Dufresne


Creative Director 

Drew is the creative mind behind the iconic Four Sons Brewing Logo as well as the various chalkboards and artistic signage through out the taproom. Drew assists Deven with outside sales and distribution, and oversees our marketing department and quality control of local accounts. Drew has a B.A. Degree in Communications Studies from CSULB and contributes his artistic talents to everything to do with Four Sons Brewing. 



Assistant Brewer

Just like the rest of the family, Dustin has many roles. Besides assisting Derek in creating recipes and brewing the beer, Dustin is the "go to" person of the family for tasting and evaluating our brews; and everyone else's. With a natural talent for food, Dustin attended the Art Institute where he focused on culinary studies and also worked at several high-end restaurants in Huntington Beach. He now uses his distinguished palate and food knowledge to help develop recipes, food pairings and new approaches to our brewing.  

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